Barefoot Shoes

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What are Barefoot Shoes?

Barefoot shoes, also known as minimalist shoes, are footwear designed to mimic the experience of walking barefoot. These shoes typically feature

  • A relatively thin sole
  • Zero drop
  • A wide toe box
  • No arch support

Additional benefit:

  • Lighter
  • More flexible
  • Help you feel the ground
  • Encourage a low-impact gait
barefoot shoes vs normal shoes

The Rationale

The barefoot shoes community contends that modern shoes deviate from the natural form and function of our feet, often leading to posture issues and various foot-related problems. Barefoot shoes are believed to encourage natural muscle engagement, enhance ankle control, and improve overall stability.

My Experience

Honestly, I can't pinpoint exactly when I first stumbled upon Barefoot shoes, probably some random YouTube video. Some points mentioned in the video resonated with me. If you think about it, the design of modern shoes is actually quite unreasonable.

Many shoes prioritize aesthetics over comfort. For instance, Converse shoes deviate from the natural shape of the human foot, and skate shoes often feature stiff soles. While these shoes might look good, I now prioritize comfort over fashion.

As I delved into the Barefoot shoes community, I discovered numerous brands dedicated solely to barefoot shoes. While most of them are perceived as 'ugly', Lems struck a good balance between the barefoot experience and visual appeal. At the time of writing, I've owned three pairs of Lems, and they've become my go-to.

Buying Guide

Barefoot shoes aren't for everyone. Some people might not feel a substantial difference or might even prefer normal shoes. Sizing can be a bit tricky too, as barefoot shoes fit differently. If you've got a local store with barefoot options, definitely give them a try before committing. Here are some popular brands:

I currently wear the Lems Chillum as my daily footwear, great shoes!