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This blog is generated by Next.js-Tailwind starter template and hosted on Vercel. The template provides basic blogging features, and Tailwind CSS makes styling a straightforward process. For those with coding skills, there's more room for personalization. You can tweak the template and incorporate new functionalities using Next.js. Here is a list of customizations I've either already implemented or plan to integrate into my website.


  • Styling (theme color, header background image, font, Navbar effect etc).
  • Removed elements like newsletter, author detail.
  • In list layout, posts scale upon hover, whole div clickable. Trade-off: tags need to be accessed inside posts or otherwise.
  • In post layout and list layout, made side component sticky.
  • Snippet page.


  • Blog and tag page logistic.
  • Table of Contents (ToC) on the side.

Blog Inspiration

Some well-designed blogs for reference and inspiration.