A Macbook Repair Experience

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How it Happened

On a winter morning, as I opened my MacBook Pro, expecting a routine start to the day, I was taken aback to find that it had suddenly stopped charging. Despite being plugged in all night, it displayed only 20% battery.

My first thought was a simple connectivity issue, but after testing all four ports, I had no luck. Without another USB-C device for testing, I couldn't verify if the cable and adapter were functioning.

After resetting both the SMC and PRAM, my MacBook's battery continued to deplete rapidly. Realizing there is nothing much I can do, I drained the last of the battery to book an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar. Fortunately, I secured a spot for the same night.

The Dilemma

Purchased in late 2017, my MacBook Pro had already undergone a keyboard replacement in 2019 due to sticky keys (butterfly keyboard). Primarily used as a desktop, its battery had naturally degraded over the years. I wouldn't be surprised if the battery finally failed.

The dilemma lies in whether I should invest 339 CAD plus tax to replace the battery. The laptop itself holds a value of around 500 CAD in the second-hand market. The trade-in value offered by apple is only 325 CAD. Perhaps it makes more sense to just buy a new laptop with apple silicon chip.

It Was Weird, But Okay

Arriving at the Genius Bar a bit early, I didn't have to wait long to meet with the specialist. The first thing he did was use his charger to power up my MacBook. To my surprise... it worked! My seemingly lifeless MacBook had come back to life.

During the diagnostic process, the charging behavior exhibited some inconsistencies. After several tests, the specialist concluded that both my cable and adapter had failed — a peculiar scenario. He suggested that they probably shorted at the same time. Regardless, I opted to purchase a new cable and adapter for 130 CAD, a relatively affordable solution.

I'm grateful my laptop is back in action. Let's see how long it can keep up the good work😃.