Samsung Galaxy S24 2-months review

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Samsung Galaxy S24

First impression

The Samsung S24 features a simple and clean look, with an appearance that is almost identical to the iPhone 15. Compared to other Android phones, the S24's design is more conservative and aligns well with my aesthetic preferences. The back glass of the phone is very slippery, so I highly recommend using a case for a better grip.

The phone includes three cameras (extra telephoto camera compared to iphone 15) and has the volume and lock buttons on the same side, making screenshots a bit tricky.

Overall experience

The S24's UI can be a bit buggy at times, especially with UI modifications. However, the overall smoothness is on par with iOS, there's no sluggishness at all. I did miss the seamless collaboration between Apple devices, particularly with Notes and AirDrop. While AirPods aren't as seamless, they work fine over Bluetooth.


As mentioned earlier, because Samsung placed the volume and power buttons on the same side, you will probably need two hands to press the volume down button and the power button simultaneously, which isn't as handy.


I always prefer fingerprint unlock. It's nice that the S24 offers that option. Just be aware that applying a screen protector might hinder fingerprint recognition, so make sure the screen protector is compatible. Face ID is also available for those who prefer it.

UI customization

Android devices are always known for it's rich customization capabilities. Samsung has two apps for you to redesign you phone: Goodlock and Themepark. One customization i did is to simplify the crowded status bar.

status bar
crowded status bar

Apps and Tools:

Some Samsung apps pre-installed, like the Samsung Pay and the Samsung Store, but I find myself sticking to Google Pay and the Play Store.

  • The weather app stands out with its appealing visuals, which I really like.
  • The edge panel feature offers quick access to frequently used apps.
  • One-hand gestures allow for easy phone usage with just one hand.
weather widget
weather widget
edge panel
edge panel

Samsung Dex

Samsung DeX is a fascinating feature I recently had the opportunity to explore. When connected to a monitor, it transforms your phone into a trackpad while displaying an optimized UI on the monitor screen. While I personally haven't discovered a practical application for Samsung DeX just yet, the concept is undeniably intriguing.

Final thoughts

I purchased the Samsung S24 for 700 CAD, which is a decent price considering it's a new flagship phone. Android phones often come with great promotions and sales, even shortly after release, making them a better value for money compared to iPhones. I enjoy alternating between Android and iOS every few years to explore their unique features and user experiences. If you can snag the S24 at a good price, let's say 30% off the retail price, it's well worth it for what it offers.